sftp 使用介绍

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sftp <user>@<ip>
sftp root@b1.xiexianbin.cn
Connected to root@b1.xiexianbin.cn.
sftp> help
Available commands:
bye                                Quit sftp
cd path                            Change remote directory to 'path'
chgrp grp path                     Change group of file 'path' to 'grp'
chmod mode path                    Change permissions of file 'path' to 'mode'
chown own path                     Change owner of file 'path' to 'own'
df [-hi] [path]                    Display statistics for current directory or
                                   filesystem containing 'path'
exit                               Quit sftp
get [-afPpRr] remote [local]       Download file
reget [-fPpRr] remote [local]      Resume download file
reput [-fPpRr] [local] remote      Resume upload file
help                               Display this help text
lcd path                           Change local directory to 'path'
lls [ls-options [path]]            Display local directory listing
lmkdir path                        Create local directory
ln [-s] oldpath newpath            Link remote file (-s for symlink)
lpwd                               Print local working directory
ls [-1afhlnrSt] [path]             Display remote directory listing
lumask umask                       Set local umask to 'umask'
mkdir path                         Create remote directory
progress                           Toggle display of progress meter
put [-afPpRr] local [remote]       Upload file
pwd                                Display remote working directory
quit                               Quit sftp
rename oldpath newpath             Rename remote file
rm path                            Delete remote file
rmdir path                         Remove remote directory
symlink oldpath newpath            Symlink remote file
version                            Show SFTP version
!command                           Execute 'command' in local shell
!                                  Escape to local shell
?                                  Synonym for help


sftp> pwd     # Display remote working directory
Remote working directory: /root
sftp> lpwd    # Print local working directory
sftp> lpwd
Local working directory: /Users/xiexianbin/


put -r <本地路径>  <远程路径>
sftp> put -r hbxctl /root
Uploading hbxctl to /root/hbxctl
hbxctl                                        100% 2565    20.8KB/s   00:00


put -r <本地文件夹/*>  <远程路径/新建文件夹/>


get -r <远程路径> <本地路径>
sftp> get -r /root/themes themes


get -r <远程路径/文件夹/*>  <本地路径/新建文件夹/>


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