OpenStack Becomes a Standard Building Block for NFV

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OpenStack is becoming the de facto standard for infrastructure orchestration for NFV deployment by leading Communications Service Providers (CSPs). CSPs are trading off the challenges of OpenStack implementations (e.g. immature technology and evolving standards) for the benefits of open source and open architectures (i.e. reduced vendor lock-in). Lack of standards for NFV management and orchestration (MANO) remains a leading impediment.

NFV and OpenStack

OpenStack is a set of open source software tools for building and managing cloud computing platforms. It enables service providers to provision and orchestrate pools of data center resources across compute and storage. With regards to NFV, CSPs deploy different types of data centers than the typical large enterprise or hyper-scale cloudprovides. Their compute capabilities are distributed in tiers including centralized cores, aggregation points, and local points of presence (PoPs). OpenStack implementations for CSPs must be highly reliable and be able to distribute workloads across hundreds of geographically distributed data centers (of varying sizes).

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