sqlite 使用

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SQLite 是一个软件库,实现了自给自足的、无服务器的、零配置的、事务性的 SQL 数据库引擎。SQLite 是在世界上最广泛部署的 SQL 数据库引擎。SQLite 源代码不受版权限制。




  • apt
apt install sqlite3
  • 源码安装

请访问 SQLite 下载页面,从源代码区下载 sqlite-autoconf-*.tar.gz,编译步骤如下:

$ tar xvfz sqlite-autoconf-3071502.tar.gz
$ cd sqlite-autoconf-3071502
$ ./configure --prefix=/usr/local
$ make
$ make install


下载 sqlite-tools-win32-*.zipsqlite-dll-win32-*.zip 压缩文件。

创建文件夹 C:\sqlite,并在此文件夹下解压上面两个压缩文件,将得到 sqlite3.defsqlite3.dllsqlite3.exe 文件。

添加 C:\sqlitePATH 环境变量,最后在命令提示符下,使用 sqlite3 命令,将显示如下结果:

SQLite version 2013-01-09 11:53:05
Enter ".help" for instructions
Enter SQL statements terminated with a ";"

安装 go-sqlite3



go build github.com/mattn/go-sqlite3

sqlite 管理工具



SQLite 命令被称为 SQLite 的点命令,这些命令的不同之处在于它们不以分号 ; 结束。

让我们在命令提示符下键入一个简单的 sqlite3 命令,在 SQLite 命令提示符下,您可以使用各种 SQLite 命令。

sqlite3 ...
$ sqlite3
SQLite version 3.24.0 2018-06-04 14:10:15
Enter ".help" for usage hints.
Connected to a transient in-memory database.
Use ".open FILENAME" to reopen on a persistent database.
sqlite> .help
.auth ON|OFF           Show authorizer callbacks
.backup ?DB? FILE      Backup DB (default "main") to FILE
                         Add "--append" to open using appendvfs.
.bail on|off           Stop after hitting an error.  Default OFF
.binary on|off         Turn binary output on or off.  Default OFF
.cd DIRECTORY          Change the working directory to DIRECTORY
.changes on|off        Show number of rows changed by SQL
.check GLOB            Fail if output since .testcase does not match
.clone NEWDB           Clone data into NEWDB from the existing database
.databases             List names and files of attached databases
.dbconfig ?op? ?val?   List or change sqlite3_db_config() options
.dbinfo ?DB?           Show status information about the database
.dump ?TABLE? ...      Dump the database in an SQL text format
                         If TABLE specified, only dump tables matching
                         LIKE pattern TABLE.
.echo on|off           Turn command echo on or off
.eqp on|off|full       Enable or disable automatic EXPLAIN QUERY PLAN
.excel                 Display the output of next command in a spreadsheet
.exit                  Exit this program
.expert                EXPERIMENTAL. Suggest indexes for specified queries
.fullschema ?--indent? Show schema and the content of sqlite_stat tables
.headers on|off        Turn display of headers on or off
.help                  Show this message
.import FILE TABLE     Import data from FILE into TABLE
.imposter INDEX TABLE  Create imposter table TABLE on index INDEX
.indexes ?TABLE?       Show names of all indexes
                         If TABLE specified, only show indexes for tables
                         matching LIKE pattern TABLE.
.limit ?LIMIT? ?VAL?   Display or change the value of an SQLITE_LIMIT
.lint OPTIONS          Report potential schema issues. Options:
                         fkey-indexes     Find missing foreign key indexes
.log FILE|off          Turn logging on or off.  FILE can be stderr/stdout
.mode MODE ?TABLE?     Set output mode where MODE is one of:
                         ascii    Columns/rows delimited by 0x1F and 0x1E
                         csv      Comma-separated values
                         column   Left-aligned columns.  (See .width)
                         html     HTML <table> code
                         insert   SQL insert statements for TABLE
                         line     One value per line
                         list     Values delimited by "|"
                         quote    Escape answers as for SQL
                         tabs     Tab-separated values
                         tcl      TCL list elements
.nullvalue STRING      Use STRING in place of NULL values
.once (-e|-x|FILE)     Output for the next SQL command only to FILE
                         or invoke system text editor (-e) or spreadsheet (-x)
                         on the output.
.open ?OPTIONS? ?FILE? Close existing database and reopen FILE
                         The --new option starts with an empty file
                         Other options: --readonly --append --zip
.output ?FILE?         Send output to FILE or stdout
.print STRING...       Print literal STRING
.prompt MAIN CONTINUE  Replace the standard prompts
.quit                  Exit this program
.read FILENAME         Execute SQL in FILENAME
.restore ?DB? FILE     Restore content of DB (default "main") from FILE
.save FILE             Write in-memory database into FILE
.scanstats on|off      Turn sqlite3_stmt_scanstatus() metrics on or off
.schema ?PATTERN?      Show the CREATE statements matching PATTERN
                          Add --indent for pretty-printing
.selftest ?--init?     Run tests defined in the SELFTEST table
.separator COL ?ROW?   Change the column separator and optionally the row
                         separator for both the output mode and .import
.session CMD ...       Create or control sessions
.sha3sum ?OPTIONS...?  Compute a SHA3 hash of database content
.shell CMD ARGS...     Run CMD ARGS... in a system shell
.show                  Show the current values for various settings
.stats ?on|off?        Show stats or turn stats on or off
.system CMD ARGS...    Run CMD ARGS... in a system shell
.tables ?TABLE?        List names of tables
                         If TABLE specified, only list tables matching
                         LIKE pattern TABLE.
.testcase NAME         Begin redirecting output to 'testcase-out.txt'
.timeout MS            Try opening locked tables for MS milliseconds
.timer on|off          Turn SQL timer on or off
.trace FILE|off        Output each SQL statement as it is run
.vfsinfo ?AUX?         Information about the top-level VFS
.vfslist               List all available VFSes
.vfsname ?AUX?         Print the name of the VFS stack
.width NUM1 NUM2 ...   Set column widths for "column" mode
                         Negative values right-justify
sqlite> .exit


.show 命令查看 SQLite 命令提示符的默认设置:

sqlite> .show
        echo: off
         eqp: off
     explain: auto
     headers: off
        mode: list
   nullvalue: ""
      output: stdout
colseparator: "|"
rowseparator: "\n"
       stats: off
    filename: :memory:



sqlite3 <sqlite3 db name>

# demo
sqlite3 /tmp/test.db



sqlite> .header on
sqlite> .mode column
sqlite> .timer on
sqlite> .show
        echo: off
         eqp: off
     explain: auto
     headers: on
        mode: column
   nullvalue: ""
      output: stdout
colseparator: "|"
rowseparator: "\n"
       stats: off
    filename: :memory:


  • NULL
  • INTEGER 整数,根据值的大小存储在 1、2、3、4、6 或 8 字节中
  • REAL 浮点值,存储为 8 字节的 IEEE 浮点数字
  • TEXT 文本字符串,使用数据库编码(UTF-8、UTF-16BE 或 UTF-16LE)存储
  • BLOB blob 数据


   NAME           TEXT      NOT NULL,
   AGE            INT       NOT NULL,
   ADDRESS        CHAR(50),
   SALARY         REAL

# 出入数据
VALUES ( 'Paul', 32, 'California', 20000.00 );

VALUES ('Allen', 25, 'Texas', 15000.00 );


sqlite> .tables
account_bkuser                   djcelery_workerstate


sqlite> select * from account_user;
id          password    last_login                  is_superuser  username    chname      company     qq          phone       is_staff    date_joined                 email
----------  ----------  --------------------------  ------------  ----------  ----------  ----------  ----------  ----------  ----------  --------------------------  ----------
1                       2019-05-24 11:14:22.363068  1             admin                                                       1           2019-05-24 11:14:22.363068
Run Time: real 0.001 user 0.000131 sys 0.000073


sqlite> .schema account_bkuser
CREATE TABLE IF NOT EXISTS "account_bkuser" ("id" integer NOT NULL PRIMARY KEY AUTOINCREMENT, "password" varchar(128) NOT NULL, "last_login" datetime NULL, "is_superuser" bool NOT NULL, "username" varchar(128) NOT NULL UNIQUE, "chname" varchar(254) NOT NULL, "company" varchar(128) NOT NULL, "qq" varchar(32) NOT NULL, "phone" varchar(64) NOT NULL, "is_staff" bool NOT NULL, "date_joined" datetime NOT NULL, "email" varchar(254) NOT NULL);


sqlite> .exit
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