enc 文件加密、解密工具

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openssl enc用来加密(Encryption)解密(decryption)编码(encoding)


openssl help enc ...
$ openssl help enc
Usage: enc [options]

General options:
 -help               Display this summary
 -list               List ciphers
 -ciphers            Alias for -list
 -e                  Encrypt
 -d                  Decrypt
 -p                  Print the iv/key
 -P                  Print the iv/key and exit
 -engine val         Use engine, possibly a hardware device

Input options:
 -in infile          Input file
 -k val              Passphrase
 -kfile infile       Read passphrase from file

Output options:
 -out outfile        Output file
 -pass val           Passphrase source
 -v                  Verbose output
 -a                  Base64 encode/decode, depending on encryption flag
 -base64             Same as option -a
 -A                  Used with -[base64|a] to specify base64 buffer as a single line

Encryption options:
 -nopad              Disable standard block padding
 -salt               Use salt in the KDF (default)
 -nosalt             Do not use salt in the KDF
 -debug              Print debug info
 -bufsize val        Buffer size
 -K val              Raw key, in hex
 -S val              Salt, in hex
 -iv val             IV in hex
 -md val             Use specified digest to create a key from the passphrase
 -iter +int          Specify the iteration count and force the use of PBKDF2
                     Default: 10000
 -pbkdf2             Use password-based key derivation function 2 (PBKDF2)
                     Use -iter to change the iteration count from 10000
 -none               Don't encrypt
 -*                  Any supported cipher

Random state options:
 -rand val           Load the given file(s) into the random number generator
 -writerand outfile  Write random data to the specified file

Provider options:
 -provider-path val  Provider load path (must be before 'provider' argument if required)
 -provider val       Provider to load (can be specified multiple times)
 -propquery val      Property query used when fetching algorithms
  • 支持的加密算法
openssl enc --list ...
$ openssl enc --list
Supported ciphers:
-aes-128-cbc               -aes-128-cfb               -aes-128-cfb1
-aes-128-cfb8              -aes-128-ctr               -aes-128-ecb
-aes-128-ofb               -aes-192-cbc               -aes-192-cfb
-aes-192-cfb1              -aes-192-cfb8              -aes-192-ctr
-aes-192-ecb               -aes-192-ofb               -aes-256-cbc
-aes-256-cfb               -aes-256-cfb1              -aes-256-cfb8
-aes-256-ctr               -aes-256-ecb               -aes-256-ofb
-aes128                    -aes128-wrap               -aes192
-aes192-wrap               -aes256                    -aes256-wrap
-aria-128-cbc              -aria-128-cfb              -aria-128-cfb1
-aria-128-cfb8             -aria-128-ctr              -aria-128-ecb
-aria-128-ofb              -aria-192-cbc              -aria-192-cfb
-aria-192-cfb1             -aria-192-cfb8             -aria-192-ctr
-aria-192-ecb              -aria-192-ofb              -aria-256-cbc
-aria-256-cfb              -aria-256-cfb1             -aria-256-cfb8
-aria-256-ctr              -aria-256-ecb              -aria-256-ofb
-aria128                   -aria192                   -aria256
-bf                        -bf-cbc                    -bf-cfb
-bf-ecb                    -bf-ofb                    -blowfish
-camellia-128-cbc          -camellia-128-cfb          -camellia-128-cfb1
-camellia-128-cfb8         -camellia-128-ctr          -camellia-128-ecb
-camellia-128-ofb          -camellia-192-cbc          -camellia-192-cfb
-camellia-192-cfb1         -camellia-192-cfb8         -camellia-192-ctr
-camellia-192-ecb          -camellia-192-ofb          -camellia-256-cbc
-camellia-256-cfb          -camellia-256-cfb1         -camellia-256-cfb8
-camellia-256-ctr          -camellia-256-ecb          -camellia-256-ofb
-camellia128               -camellia192               -camellia256
-cast                      -cast-cbc                  -cast5-cbc
-cast5-cfb                 -cast5-ecb                 -cast5-ofb
-chacha20                  -des                       -des-cbc
-des-cfb                   -des-cfb1                  -des-cfb8
-des-ecb                   -des-ede                   -des-ede-cbc
-des-ede-cfb               -des-ede-ecb               -des-ede-ofb
-des-ede3                  -des-ede3-cbc              -des-ede3-cfb
-des-ede3-cfb1             -des-ede3-cfb8             -des-ede3-ecb
-des-ede3-ofb              -des-ofb                   -des3
-des3-wrap                 -desx                      -desx-cbc
-id-aes128-wrap            -id-aes128-wrap-pad        -id-aes192-wrap
-id-aes192-wrap-pad        -id-aes256-wrap            -id-aes256-wrap-pad
-id-smime-alg-CMS3DESwrap  -rc2                       -rc2-128
-rc2-40                    -rc2-40-cbc                -rc2-64
-rc2-64-cbc                -rc2-cbc                   -rc2-cfb
-rc2-ecb                   -rc2-ofb                   -rc4
-rc4-40                    -seed                      -seed-cbc
-seed-cfb                  -seed-ecb                  -seed-ofb
-sm4                       -sm4-cbc                   -sm4-cfb
-sm4-ctr                   -sm4-ecb                   -sm4-ofb
  • 参数说明
-salt               Use salt in the KDF (default)



openssl enc -aes-256-cbc -in <in-file> -out <ciphertext-file>


  • -aes-256-cbc AES(高级加密标准)256位的 CBC(密码块链接)模式加密文件
  • -in <in-file> 要加密的文件
  • -out <out-file> 输出的文件,一般为 .bin 文件
  • 加密过程需要输入密码,该方法不太安全,推荐使用方法
openssl enc -aes-256-cbc -salt -pbkdf2 -iter 10000 -in <in-file> -out <ciphertext-file>
  • -salt 为每个加密过程生成一个随机的 salt
  • -pbkdf2-iter 10000 选项让 OpenSSL 使用 PBKDF2 密钥派生函数,并且进行 10000 次迭代,更安全,且不易破解


openssl enc -aes-256-cbc -d -pbkdf2 -iter 10000 -in <ciphertext-file> -out <out-file>


  • -d 表示解密
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