timesyncd 介绍

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systemd-timesyncd 通过网络提供系统时钟同步的服务,通过实现 SNTP client 功能实现时钟同步。


  • systemd-timesyncd 与 ntp / Chrony 区别
    • systemd-timesyncd 只实现 SNTP client 功能实现时钟同步,不能作为 NTP 服务器
    • systemd-timesyncd 更精简和轻量级



  • ubuntu
sudo apt install systemd-timesyncd


  • /etc/systemd/timesyncd.conf
  • 示例
NTP=ntp.aliyun.com ntp.ntsc.ac.cn cn.ntp.org.cn
FallbackNTP=ntp.ubuntu.com 0.pool.ntp.org 1.pool.ntp.org


systemctl enable systemd-timesyncd.service
systemctl start systemd-timesyncd.service
systemctl status systemd-timesyncd.service

timedatectl 工具


timedatectl --help ...
$ timedatectl --help
timedatectl [OPTIONS...] COMMAND ...

Query or change system time and date settings.

  status                   Show current time settings
  show                     Show properties of systemd-timedated
  set-time TIME            Set system time
  set-timezone ZONE        Set system time zone
  list-timezones           Show known time zones
  set-local-rtc BOOL       Control whether RTC is in local time
  set-ntp BOOL             Enable or disable network time synchronization

systemd-timesyncd Commands:
  timesync-status          Show status of systemd-timesyncd
  show-timesync            Show properties of systemd-timesyncd

  -h --help                Show this help message
     --version             Show package version
     --no-pager            Do not pipe output into a pager
     --no-ask-password     Do not prompt for password
  -H --host=[USER@]HOST    Operate on remote host
  -M --machine=CONTAINER   Operate on local container
     --adjust-system-clock Adjust system clock when changing local RTC mode
     --monitor             Monitor status of systemd-timesyncd
  -p --property=NAME       Show only properties by this name
  -a --all                 Show all properties, including empty ones
     --value               When showing properties, only print the value

See the timedatectl(1) man page for details.


# 查看状态
$ timedatectl status
               Local time: xxx
           Universal time: xxx UTC
                 RTC time: xxx
                Time zone: Asia/Shanghai (CST, +0800)
System clock synchronized: yes
              NTP service: active  # NTP 已启动

# 查看 systemd-timedated 属性
timedatectl show

# 激活 NTP
timedatectl set-ntp true

# 查看同步状态
timedatectl timesync-status

timedatectl show-timesync --all


Linux 系统中存在两个时钟:

  • RTC(Real Time Clock, 硬件时钟) 指主板上的时钟,BIOS 中可设置,独立电源,关机正常计算时间
  • SC(System Clock, 系统时钟) 指 OS Kernel 的时钟,值是 1970-01-01 00:00:00+000 UTC 时间到当前时间的秒数总和
    • 系统启动时,从硬件获取时间,然后独立计时;系统时钟和硬件时钟会存在差异


Unit file /etc/systemd/system/systemd-timesyncd.service is masked

$ systemctl enable systemd-timesyncd.service
Failed to enable unit: Unit file /etc/systemd/system/systemd-timesyncd.service is masked.
  • 执行
sudo apt install systemd-timesyncd

Failed to query server: Failed to activate service ‘org.freedesktop.timedate1’: timed out (service_start_timeout=25000ms)

systemctl restart systemd-timedated
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