Open Build Service(OBS) Ubuntu deb 包构建工具

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本文介绍使用Open Build Service(OBS)构建Ubuntu deb包


obs 页面操作:

  • Overview 工程简介
  • Repositories 包列表
  • Monitor 包的构建状况
  • Requests 用户请求,类似于 github 的 mr
  • Users 工程的所有用户
  • Subprojects 子工程
  • Project Config 配置文件
    • Repotype
    • Presinstall
    • Prefer
  • Attributes
  • Meta 一些参数信息
  • Status
  • 子目录:Branch package 派生包

安装 osc 客户端

  • 支持本地部署 Open Build Service 参考
  • osc 客户端安装参考


cd /etc/yum.repo.d
yum makecache
yum install osc -y


# sudo apt install osc
# wget
# wget
dpkg -i osc_1.4.3-0_amd64.deb

osc 使用


osc --help ...
$ osc --help
usage: osc [global opts] <command> [--help] [opts] [args]

optional arguments:
  -h, --help            show this help message and exit
  -v, --verbose         increase verbosity
  -q, --quiet           be quiet, not verbose
  --debug               print info useful for debugging
  --debugger            jump into the debugger before executing anything
  --post-mortem         jump into the debugger in case of errors
  --traceback           print call trace in case of errors
  -H, --http-debug      debug HTTP traffic (filters some headers)
  --http-full-debug     debug HTTP traffic (filters no headers)
  -A URL, --apiurl URL  Open Build Service API URL or a configured alias
  --config FILE         specify alternate configuration file
  --setopt KEY=VALUE    set a config option for the current program run
  --no-keyring          disable usage of desktop keyring system

  add                   Mark files to be added upon the next commit
  addchannels           Add channels to project
  addcontainers         Add maintained containers for a give package
  addremove (ar)        Adds new files, removes disappeared files
  aggregatepac          "Aggregate" a package to another package
  api                   Issue an arbitrary request to the API
  branch (getpac, bco, branchco)
                        Branch a package
  browse                Opens browser
  build (wipe, shell, chroot)
                        Build a package on your local machine
  buildconfig           Shows the build config
  buildhistory (buildhist)
                        Shows the build history of a package
  buildinfo             Shows the build info
  buildlog (buildlogtail, blt, bl)
                        Shows the build log of a package
  cat (less, blame)     Output the content of a file to standard output
  changedevelrequest (changedevelreq, cr)
                        Create request to change the devel package definition
  checkconstraints      Check the constraints and view compliant workers
  checkout (co)         Check out content from the repository
  clean                 Removes all untracked files from the package working copy
  cleanassets (ca)      Clean all previous downloaded assets
  comment               List / create / delete comments
  commit (checkin, ci)  Upload content to the repository server
  config                Get/set a config option
  copypac               Copy a package
  create-pbuild-config (cpc)
                        This command is creating the necessary files to build using pbuild tool.
  createincident        Create a maintenance incident
  createrequest (creq)  Create multiple requests with a single command
  delete (remove, del, rm)
                        Mark files or package directories to be deleted upon the next 'checkin'
  deleterequest (deletereq, droprequest, dropreq, dr)
                        Request to delete (or 'drop') a package or project
  dependson             Dependson shows the build dependencies inside of a project, valid for a given repository and architecture
  detachbranch          Replace a link with its expanded sources
  develproject (dp, bsdevelproject)
                        Print the devel project / package of a package
  diff (di, ldiff, linkdiff)
                        Generates a diff
  distributions (dists)
                        Shows all available distributions
  downloadassets (da)   Download all assets referenced in the build descriptions
  enablechannels (enablechannel)
                        Enables channels
  getbinaries           Download binaries to a local directory
  help (?)              Give detailed help on a specific sub-command
  importsrcpkg          Import a new package from a src.rpm
  info                  Print information about a working copy
  init                  Initialize a directory as working copy
  jobhistory (jobhist)  Shows the job history of a project
  linkpac               "Link" a package to another package
  linktobranch          Convert a package containing a classic link with patch to a branch
  list (LL, lL, ll, ls)
                        List sources or binaries on the server
  localbuildlog (lbl)   Shows the build log of a local buildchroot
  lock                  Locks a project or package
  log                   Shows the commit log of a package
  maintainer (bugowner)
                        Show maintainers according to server side configuration
  maintenancerequest (mr)
                        Create a request for starting a maintenance incident
  mbranch (maintained, sm)
                        Search or branch multiple instances of a package
  meta                  Show meta information, or edit it
  mkpac                 Create a new package under version control
  mv                    Move SOURCE file to DEST and keep it under version control
  my                    Show waiting work, packages, projects or requests involving yourself
  patchinfo             Generate and edit a patchinfo file
  pdiff                 Quick alias to diff the content of a package with its parent
  prdiff (projdiff, projectdiff)
                        Server-side diff of two projects
  prjresults (pr)       Shows project-wide build results
  pull                  Merge the changes of the link target into your working copy
  rdelete               Delete a project or packages on the server
  rdiff                 Server-side "pretty" diff of two packages
  rebuild (rebuildpac)  Trigger package rebuilds
  release               Release sources and binaries
  releaserequest        Create a release request
  remotebuildlog (remotebuildlogtail, rbuildlogtail, rblt, rbuildlog, rbl)
                        Shows the build log of a package
  repairlink            Repair a broken source link
  repairwc              Try to repair an inconsistent working copy
  repo                  Manage repositories in project meta
  repositories (platforms, repos)
                        Shows repositories configured for a project
  repourls              Shows URLs of .repo files
  request (review, rq)  Show or modify requests and reviews
  requestmaintainership (reqbs, reqms, reqmaintainership, requestbugownership, reqbugownership)
                        Requests to add user as maintainer or bugowner
  resolved              Remove 'conflicted' state on working copy files
  restartbuild (abortbuild)
                        Restart the build of a certain project or package
  results (r)           Shows the build results of a package or project
  revert                Restore changed files or the entire working copy
  rpmlintlog (lint, rpmlint)
                        Shows the rpmlint logfile
  rremove               Remove source files from selected package
  search (bse, se)      Search for a project and/or package
  sendsysrq             Trigger a sysrq in a running build
  service               Handle source services
  setdevelproject (sdp)
                        Set the devel project / package of a package
  setlinkrev            Updates a revision number in a source link
  showlinked            Show all packages linking to a given one
  signkey               Manage Project Signing Key
  status (st)           Show status of files in working copy
  submitrequest (submitpac, submitreq, sr)
                        Create request to submit source into another Project
  token                 Show and manage authentication token
  triggerreason (tr)    Show reason why a package got triggered to build
  undelete              Restores a deleted project or package on the server
  unlock                Unlocks a project or package
  update (up)           Update a working copy
  updatepacmetafromspec (updatepkgmetafromspec, metafromspec)
                        Update package meta information from a specfile
  vc                    Edit the changes file
  version               Give version of osc binary
  whatdependson         Show the packages that require the specified package during the build
  whois (user, who)     Show fullname and email of a buildservice user
  wipebinaries (unpublish)
                        Delete all binary packages of a certain project/package
  workerinfo            Gets the information to a worker from the server


  • 使用 osc token 生成配置文件,需要数据用户名和密码
osc token ...
$ osc token

Your user account / password are not configured yet.
You will be asked for them below, and they will be stored in
/root/.config/osc/oscrc for future use.

Creating osc configuration file /root/.config/osc/oscrc ...
Username []: xiexianbin
Password []:

1   Secret Service    Store password in Secret Service (GNOME Keyring backend) [secure, persistent]
2   Transient         Do not store the password and always ask for it [secure, in-memory]
3   Obfuscated config Store the password in obfuscated form in the osc config file [insecure, persistent]
4   Config            Store the password in plain text in the osc config file [insecure, persistent]
Select credentials manager [default=1]: 4
<directory count="0"/>
  • ~/.config/osc/oscrc 文件示例
cat ~/.config/osc/oscrc ...
$ cat ~/.config/osc/oscrc
# see oscrc(5) man page for the full list of available options

# Default URL to the API server.
# Credentials and other `apiurl` specific settings must be configured in a `[$apiurl]` config section.

# aliases=
# user=
# pass=
# credentials_mgr_class=osc.credentials...

osc 示例

# 查看当前登录的用户
$ osc whois
xiexianbin: "xie xianbin" <>

# 打开浏览器
$ obs browe

# 查看sources or binaries
osc list home:xiexianbin
osc list home:xiexianbin:xxx

# 下载获取远程项目的某一个包
$ osc co home:<user name>/<project name>
$ osc checkout home:xiexianbin
A    home:xiexianbin
A    home:xiexianbin/containers-skopeo
A    home:xiexianbin/containers-skopeo/skopeo_1.13.3-1.debian.tar.xz
A    home:xiexianbin/containers-skopeo/skopeo_1.13.3-1.dsc

$ osc co home:xiexianbin/containers-skopeo

$ cd home:xiexianbin/containers-skopeo

# 查看状态
$ osc status .

# 查看仓库信息
osc repos

# 提交重命名后的修改
osc addremove

# 更新本地代码
osc update

# 直接推送修改后的内容到远程OBS仓库中去
osc ci -m1

# 添加文件到打包项目
osc add *
osc add

# 提交到远程OBS仓库
osc commit

# 查看提交日志
osc log

# 查看打包结果
osc results


cd [project名]

# 新建Package
osc mkpac [package名]

# 添加文件
osc add *

# 上传服务器
osc commit

# 更新包
osc up

# 打包
osc build
osc build openSUSE_Tumbleweed x86_64

# 本地打包

Debian/Ubuntu deb 包打包


  • _service 文件,记录文件位置
<?xml version="1.0"?>
  <service name="obs_scm">
    <param name="versionformat">@PARENT_TAG@</param>
    <param name="url"></param>
    <param name="scm">git</param>
    <param name="revision">@PARENT_TAG@</param>
    <param name="extract">my_package.spec</param>
  <service name="set_version"/>
  <service name="tar" mode="buildtime"/>
  • PACKAGE.dsc 文件,Debian source control files 是构建二进制包的控制文件 参考
  • *.orig.tar.xz|gz 源码包
  • *.debian.tar.xz|gz debian 打包的文件压缩包,加压后的结果
    • debian/
      • changelog
      • control
      • rules


  • 参考
  • 可以删除 _service 文件,防止网上下载源码文件
apt install obs-build build-essential devscripts equivs

osc add xxx

# use one of: Debian_10, Debian_11, Debian_12, RHEL_7, xUbuntu_20.04, xUbuntu_22.04, xUbuntu_23.04
osc build --local-package xUbuntu_23.04 x86_64
osc build --local-package --trust-all-projects -d xUbuntu_23.04 x86_64 *.dsc

# osc build --vm-type=qemu --vm-memory=MB REPOSITORY ARCHITECTURE
# osc shell --vm-type=VM
# osc wipe --vm-type=VM
  • 查看构建好的deb包的信息
dpkg -c /var/tmp/build-root/xxx_x86_64/usr/src/packages/DEBS/*.deb
  • 等价于使用 sbuild 打包
sudo apt install -y debhelper sbuild
sudo sbuild --arch=x86_64 -c sid-x86_64-sbuild


Exec format error

sudo update-binfmts --enable

Can’t locate in @INC (you may need to install the Build module)

apt-get install libmodule-build-perl
cpan Module::Build


  1. Build_Service_Debian_builds
  2. 如何使用 openEuler OBS
  3. sbuild-build-riscv
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