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ICMP(Internet Control Message Protocol,互联网控制消息协议) 用于网际协议(IP)中发送控制消息,提供可能发生在通信环境中的各种问题反馈。


ping和 mtr 命令使用了ICMP,其中mtr结合了 ping 和 traceroute 的功能


  • 安装
apt install icmpush
  • help
$ icmpush -h
           Usage:  icmpush  type [options]  host
  -du      Destination Unreach         -echo  Echo Request
  -info    Information Request         -mask  Address Mask Request
  -rta     Router Advertisement        -rts   Router Solicitation
  -red     Redirect                    -sq    Source Quench
  -tstamp  Timestamp                   -tx    Time Exceeded
  -param   Parameter Problem
  -v       Verbose mode on             -vv    Debug mode on
  -h       This help screen            -V     Program version

  -sp  address     Spoof host.
  -to  secs        Timeout secs to read the replies.
  -n               Don't use name resolution.
  -lt  secs        Lifetime secs for an ICMP Router Advertisement.
  -gw  address     Route gateway host for an ICMP Redirect.
  -dest  address   Route destination host for an ICMP Redirect.
  -orig  address   Original host for an ICMP error.
  -psrc  port      Source port (tcp/udp) of ICMP error data.
  -pdst  port      Destination port (tcp/udp) of ICMP error data.
  -prot            ICMP error data protocol ( tcp | udp | icmp ).
  -id  ident       Identification for an ICMP information message.
  -seq  seq#       Sequence number for an ICMP information message.
  -pat  pattern    Data pattern to send within an ICMP Echo Request.
  -gbg  bytes|max  Number of garbage data bytes to send or maximum(max).
  -ptr  byte       Incorrect byte on an ICMP Parameter Problem.
  -c  code|num|max ICMP code. See the man page for details.
  • 示例:构造 Address Mask Request
icmpush -mask -sp -to 10


  1. 互联网控制消息协议
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