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# consul kv --help
Usage: consul kv <subcommand> [options] [args]

  This command has subcommands for interacting with Consul's key-value
  store. Here are some simple examples, and more detailed examples are
  available in the subcommands or the documentation.

  Create or update the key named "redis/config/connections" with the value "5":

      $ consul kv put redis/config/connections 5

  Read this value back:

      $ consul kv get redis/config/connections

  Or get detailed key information:

      $ consul kv get -detailed redis/config/connections

  Finally, delete the key:

      $ consul kv delete redis/config/connections

  For more examples, ask for subcommand help or view the documentation.


    delete    Removes data from the KV store
    export    Exports a tree from the KV store as JSON
    get       Retrieves or lists data from the KV store
    import    Imports a tree stored as JSON to the KV store
    put       Sets or updates data in the KV store
  • 通过 -recurse 选项可以递归查询子键,结果按字典序排列
$ consul kv get -recurse
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