readelf 查看 ELF 文件信息

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readelf 用来查看 ELF(excutable and linking format) 格式文件的信息



  • 可重定位对象文件(relocatable file)
  • 可执行对象文件(excutable file)
  • 可被共享的对象文件(shared object file)


readelf --help ...
$ readelf -h
readelf: Warning: Nothing to do.
Usage: readelf <option(s)> elf-file(s)
 Display information about the contents of ELF format files
 Options are:
  -a --all               Equivalent to: -h -l -S -s -r -d -V -A -I
  -h --file-header       Display the ELF file header
  -l --program-headers   Display the program headers
     --segments          An alias for --program-headers
  -S --section-headers   Display the sections' header
     --sections          An alias for --section-headers
  -g --section-groups    Display the section groups
  -t --section-details   Display the section details
  -e --headers           Equivalent to: -h -l -S
  -s --syms              Display the symbol table
     --symbols           An alias for --syms
  --dyn-syms             Display the dynamic symbol table
  -n --notes             Display the core notes (if present)
  -r --relocs            Display the relocations (if present)
  -u --unwind            Display the unwind info (if present)
  -d --dynamic           Display the dynamic section (if present)
  -V --version-info      Display the version sections (if present)
  -A --arch-specific     Display architecture specific information (if any)
  -c --archive-index     Display the symbol/file index in an archive
  -D --use-dynamic       Use the dynamic section info when displaying symbols
  -x --hex-dump=<number|name>
                         Dump the contents of section <number|name> as bytes
  -p --string-dump=<number|name>
                         Dump the contents of section <number|name> as strings
  -R --relocated-dump=<number|name>
                         Dump the contents of section <number|name> as relocated bytes
  -z --decompress        Decompress section before dumping it
  -w[lLiaprmfFsoRtUuTgAckK] or
                         Display the contents of DWARF debug sections
  --dwarf-depth=N        Do not display DIEs at depth N or greater
  --dwarf-start=N        Display DIEs starting with N, at the same depth
                         or deeper
  --ctf=<number|name>    Display CTF info from section <number|name>
                         Use section <number|name> as the CTF parent

                         Use section <number|name> as the CTF external symtab

                         Use section <number|name> as the CTF external strtab

  -I --histogram         Display histogram of bucket list lengths
  -W --wide              Allow output width to exceed 80 characters
  @<file>                Read options from <file>
  -H --help              Display this information
  -v --version           Display the version number of readelf


# 查看 header 头信息
readelf -h core-xxx

# 符号表 中的信息只包括全局变量和函数名
readelf -s

# 查看 ELF 文件依赖的动态文件
readelf -d /usr/bin/mysql

# 查看链接信息
readelf -s /usr/bin/mysql
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