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智能平台管理接口 (IPMI, Intelligent Platform Management Interface) 是一种开放标准的硬件管理接口规格,定义了嵌入式管理子系统进行通信的特定方法。IPMI 信息通过基板管理控制器 (BMC)(位于 IPMI 规格的硬件组件上)进行交流。使用低级硬件智能管理而不使用操作系统进行管理,具有两个主要优点: 首先,此配置允许进行带外服务器管理;其次,操作系统不必负担传输系统状态数据的任务。


IPMI(Intelligent Platform Management Interface)是一个硬件管理接口规范,通过ipmi可以远程监控物理健康特征,如温度、电压、风扇工作状态、电源状态、远程启停、远程安装操作系统等。


主机有一个专用芯片/控制器,称为基板管理控制器(BMC),它并不依赖CPU、BIOS、操作系统。 只要有BMC和ipmi firmware就可以工作了。


  1. 开机时设置IPMI Over LAN为On、设置IPMI的ip地址、IPMI用户名和密码。

  2. 在控制端安装ipmitool工具包,查看命令帮助

    vm_156e3:~ # ipmitool -help
    ipmitool version 1.8.11
    usage: ipmitool [options...] <command>
           -h             This help
           -V             Show version information
           -v             Verbose (can use multiple times)
           -c             Display output in comma separated format
           -d N           Specify a /dev/ipmiN device to use (default=0)
           -I intf        Interface to use
           -H hostname    Remote host name for LAN interface
           -p port        Remote RMCP port [default=623]
           -U username    Remote session username
           -f file        Read remote session password from file
           -S sdr         Use local file for remote SDR cache
           -a             Prompt for remote password
           -e char        Set SOL escape character
           -C ciphersuite Cipher suite to be used by lanplus interface
           -k key         Use Kg key for IPMIv2 authentication
           -y hex_key     Use hexadecimal-encoded Kg key for IPMIv2 authentication
           -L level       Remote session privilege level [default=ADMINISTRATOR]
                          Append a '+' to use name/privilege lookup in RAKP1
           -A authtype    Force use of auth type NONE, PASSWORD, MD2, MD5 or OEM
           -P password    Remote session password
           -E             Read password from IPMI_PASSWORD environment variable
           -K             Read kgkey from IPMI_KGKEY environment variable
           -m address     Set local IPMB address
           -b channel     Set destination channel for bridged request
           -t address     Bridge request to remote target address
           -B channel     Set transit channel for bridged request (dual bridge)
           -T address     Set transit address for bridge request (dual bridge)
           -l lun         Set destination lun for raw commands
           -o oemtype     Setup for OEM (use 'list' to see available OEM types)
           -O seloem      Use file for OEM SEL event descriptions
    	open          Linux OpenIPMI Interface [default]
    	imb           Intel IMB Interface
    	lan           IPMI v1.5 LAN Interface
    	lanplus       IPMI v2.0 RMCP+ LAN Interface
    	raw           Send a RAW IPMI request and print response
    	i2c           Send an I2C Master Write-Read command and print response
    	spd           Print SPD info from remote I2C device
    	lan           Configure LAN Channels
    	chassis       Get chassis status and set power state
    	power         Shortcut to chassis power commands
    	event         Send pre-defined events to MC
    	mc            Management Controller status and global enables
    	sdr           Print Sensor Data Repository entries and readings
    	sensor        Print detailed sensor information
    	fru           Print built-in FRU and scan SDR for FRU locators
    	gendev        Read/Write Device associated with Generic Device locators sdr
    	sel           Print System Event Log (SEL)
    	pef           Configure Platform Event Filtering (PEF)
    	sol           Configure and connect IPMIv2.0 Serial-over-LAN
    	tsol          Configure and connect with Tyan IPMIv1.5 Serial-over-LAN
    	isol          Configure IPMIv1.5 Serial-over-LAN
    	user          Configure Management Controller users
    	channel       Configure Management Controller channels
    	session       Print session information
    	sunoem        OEM Commands for Sun servers
    	kontronoem    OEM Commands for Kontron devices
    	picmg         Run a PICMG/ATCA extended cmd
    	fwum          Update IPMC using Kontron OEM Firmware Update Manager
    	firewall      Configure Firmware Firewall
    	delloem       OEM Commands for Dell systems
    	shell         Launch interactive IPMI shell
    	exec          Run list of commands from file
    	set           Set runtime variable for shell and exec
    	hpm           Update HPM components using PICMG HPM.1 file
    	ekanalyzer    run FRU-Ekeying analyzer using FRU files


- 开机: `sudo ipmitool -I lanplus -H my-ip -U my-user -P my-password power on`
- 关机: `sudo ipmitool -I lanplus -H my-ip -U my-user -P my-password power off`
- 查看: `sudo ipmitool -I lanplus -H my-ip -U my-user -P my-password power status`
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