pdsh 使用介绍

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psdh (Parallel Distributed Shell)是一个高性能、并行的远程shell实用程序


pdsh 在 epel 源中

yum install -y pdsh


$ pdsh -h
Usage: pdsh [-options] command ...
-S                return largest of remote command return values
-h                output usage menu and quit
-V                output version information and quit
-q                list the option settings and quit
-b                disable ^C status feature (batch mode)
-d                enable extra debug information from ^C status
-l user           execute remote commands as user
-t seconds        set connect timeout (default is 10 sec)
-u seconds        set command timeout (no default)
-f n              use fanout of n nodes
-w host,host,...  set target node list on command line
-x host,host,...  set node exclusion list on command line
-R name           set rcmd module to name
-M name,...       select one or more misc modules to initialize first
-N                disable hostname: labels on output lines
-L                list info on all loaded modules and exit
-j jobid,...      Run on nodes allocated to SLURM job(s) ("all" = all jobs)
-P partition,...  Run on nodes contained in SLURM partition
available rcmd modules: ssh,exec (default: ssh)



pdsh -w -w master date
pdsh -w 192.168.0.[1-5] -w master date

# 对 c01-c10 主机执行 date 命令
pdsh -w c[01-10] date
pdsh -w c[01-10] -x c02 date  # 排除 c02
pdsh -w c[01-10] -l test date  # 使用test用户执行

# 以下两条命令执行是相同的
pdsh -w c01,c10 date
pdsh -w c[01,10] date


  • pssh/pscp : yum install -y pssh
  • prsync
  • dsh


  1. https://github.com/chaos/pdsh
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