JetBrain Projector 安装

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PyCharm 除了可以使用安装软件远程开发,还可以使用 JetBrain Projector,他完全免费,browser/server 架构,本地只需要一个浏览器访问。


pip3 install projector-installer


$ projector --help
Usage: projector [OPTIONS] COMMAND [ARGS]...

  This script helps to install, manage, and run JetBrains IDEs with

  --version                Show the version and exit.
  --config-directory PATH  Path to configuration directory
  --cache-directory PATH   Path to download cache directory
  --accept-license         Accept GPL v2 license without prompt.
  --help                   Show this message and exit.

  autoinstall          Install selected IDE
  config               Configuration management commands
  defaults             Configure projector defaults
  find                 Find Projector-compatible IDE
  ide                  JetBrains IDE management commands
  install              Interactive install and configure selected IDE
  install-certificate  Install user certificate to given config
  run                  Run selected configuration
  self-update          Update projector-installer


# 支持的ide
$ projector find
Checking for updates ... done.
	   1. Idea_Community
	   2. Idea_Ultimate
	   3. PyCharm_Community
	   4. PyCharm_Community
	   5. CLion
	   6. GoLand
	   7. DataGrip
	   8. PhpStorm
	   9. WebStorm
	  10. RubyMine
	  11. Rider
	  12. DataSpell
	  13. MPS
Choose IDE type or 0 to exit: [0-13]: 0
No app kind selected, exiting...

# 安装 pycharm,默认会运行
projector install PyCharm_Community

# 之后运行
projector run PyCharm


  • 默认配置路径 ~/.projector/
  • 安装包下载地址在源码的 compatible_ide.json 文件中配置,手动下载后放到 ~/.projector/cache/ 目录加速安装

ssh 代理端口

ssh -CNg -L 9999: root@<ip> -p 22

本地访问 http://localhost:9999/


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